The Growth of Live Music

After years of declining physical record sales, artists, bands and record labels recently are focusing on live music programs. Formerly, record labels mainly utilized to just money the procedure of producing a physical record; also understood as long plays, tapes and compact discs.


Thanks (or not) to the internet and the ease of pirated music distribution, the generic public is not troubled, and even ready to purchase physical music records. There is still hope though; Johnny is still ready to invest his tough generated income on music. Perhaps not on physical music records, but individuals appear to be going to shows a lot more than ever. It appears that the sound quality is of no distinction to Johnny and most of the population, so he will not trouble if he pays attention to MP3's on his computer.


On the other hand, going to a concert is a social experience where one can head bang and connect with sweaty individuals, a few of which you've never ever seen. It's a brand-new experience, completely different than when you're often visiting the usual decomposing bar for several years. So invest today. Instead of spending hundred Euro, the bankrupt currency, alone in a bar, might too invest a few of it on a concert ticket and the rest on some ice cold beers to help you bear with the heat of indoor concerts, or perhaps as a chick investment. Navigate through a number of online ticket websites and you will discover that there is at least a show of two in the city where you live, if not more jazz band .


Discuss the world's biggest acts and you will observe that even though the world economy is spiralling down, they are still managing to sell out their world trips. International prominent electro band Depeche Mode and their Touring the Universe Tour, U2, who welcomed the internet like no other band, Lady Gaga and numerous other world renowned bands and artists all handled to generate a good earnings, which you and I do not even dream of.


A long time back, the editor of among the blog sites I write for, wrote a rant about the music industry. Sadly his tirade was criticized by lots of, and unlike other of his self-opinionated articles, its publishing on numerous music news websites was turned down for one simple reason; encouraging piracy of music online. It is sort of amusing; it appears the editors of the other websites do not understand the best ways to check out. In this tirade about music, Octave Shaper is merely mentioning that like numerous other world industries, the music market must stop pointing fingers, consider of the box, and look for its golden eggs goose elsewhere.


That is why I admire the music's market Father Christmas, Mr. Cowell's and his shows, such as X Factor. Mr Cowell, instead of trying so hard to sell records, altered his company model and now is helping many striving artists by giving them the opportunity of having their own sponsored tours. Thanks to his global popular shows, Cowell is raising live music awareness, and "brand awareness" for the artist and bands involved, while still making truckloads of money, most probably especially in the past.


In my viewpoint, the music market was incorrect in pointing its fingers and blaming the web for its reducing income from sales of physical records. It's true the internet made it much easier for the distribution of pirated music, but it likewise made it simpler for Johnny to purchase show tickets.


Thanks to the internet, social networks and viral videos, it is now simpler for agents and bands to comprehend the interest of new crowds. With the tsunami of brand-new music being continuously published on the internet, it might be tough for non-established artists to infiltrate the masses and get a huge piece of the pie, but they will constantly have their share of crumbs. Let's not also forget that the web also made it much easier for already developed and world distinguished artists to reach new horizons in the music industry. Simply have a look at the number of Facebook likes and Twitter fans famous artists have. Do you believe Lady Gaga would have had the exact same prominent impact on the world as she has now without the internet?