Live music: Electronic Glassholes; rock band moves out of garage onto stage

When Google sent out trial pairs of Glass, its prototypes that merged optical displays, smartphone capabilities and cameras all in the form of a set of eye wear, many on the other end of the lenses found the technology invasive. Thus the derogatory name for them: Glassholes.

In the time-honored tradition of the Dandy Warhols and newer groups like Com Truise, three local musicians have mashed up cultural references for a memorable name. And so the experimental, improvisational electronic group Philip Glasshole was born.


This week’s new live music

Even with a genre-shattering band such as Massive Attack, there still exists the notion of a definitive lineup. However, the group that made their first two classic albums – comprising 3D, Mushroom, Daddy G and Tricky – were destined for greatness but, given their volatile personalities, possibly never longevity. Since their mid-1990s heyday, though, the band have gained a monumental stature, embracing guest vocalists and political issues, becoming a kind of Newsnight version of Gorillaz, and lately working with film-maker Adam Curtis. The band have also attempted a rapprochement with Tricky, who has recorded for their new album – material from which may well be aired here – only to then apparently abruptly end the association.


DefLeppard release music video on Guitar Hero Live

Heavy metal chart-toppers DefLeppard have released their latest video on Guitar Hero Live in what is believed to be the first premiere by an established band through a game.

The rockband put out their latest single, Dangerous, and said the video would be available solely on Guitar Hero Live, part of the popular series that lets gamers play the part of rock bands.


Roanoke's new live music venue is spot on

For more than five years, Kirk Avenue Music Hall in downtown Roanoke provided audiences with an intimate setting for some of the best music to pass through the valley.

Some 18 months after the last notes faded from the venue at 22 Kirk Avenue, the room is nearly ready to begin hosting bands again — with a new name, but a similar mission.


Punk band The Undertones to headline Chester live music festival

Irish punk legends The Undertones will be one of the main headliners at a live music festival in Chester this summer.

Chester Live will take over numerous venues in the city when it runs from June 17-19, with a mix of local and established acts taking to the stage.

The festival is the brainchild of Dan Read, who set it up because he thought there should be a Chester-wide event to celebrate the live music coming out of the city and its surrounding areas.